About Hiratech Inc.

“The Artist” should open the eyes of the viewer to the overlooked beauty which is sometimes right in front of us.

Founded. 2005

We’re Hiratech
Digital Studio.

Hiratech new generation which is a digital agency created 10 years ago, develops unique marketing and communication brands in every channel.

Software, design, creative and social media departments work cooperatively with high quality in every process. The 15-person team is squad composed of experienced industry figures.

Developing projects to ensure they become a brand known all over the world beyond the borders of Turkey is our biggest goal.

The Team

Resul Gök
There is only one valuable thing in art: the thing you cannot explain.
Ayhan Gökoğlu
Game Development Specialist
"Poor Man; Games are deprived of the joy." Ferdinand Stangel.
Mehmet Saygın
Digital Publisher and Designer
Social media applications, mobile applications, web design, advergame and animation..
Hüseyin Ölmez
Masaüstü Programcı
Hayatımı kod ile programlıyorum. Çok mutluyum!
Sabahattin Cin
Content Editor
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leonardo da Vinci.
Musa Karakaya
HR Adviser
The biggest work was accomplished with great imagination with people.
Kasım Halis
MedyaTime - Business Partner
Design, design and design.
Uğurcan Gök
Content Editor
I find myself here when I fled from the exam 🙂



Hiratech’s strong technological infrastructure, according to the software and design of standard, creating structures that maximizes ease of use of the brand with the highest level of digital prestige.



Hiratech, unlimited exhibits the capabilities of the mobile media with each passing day it becomes more valuable. We take your idea and apply our experience in order to reach your project’s objectives.



Our applications are coded with tools native to your target platform. Each platform, whether mobile or web, works best with a certain set of technologies. These could include Objective-C, Java, Unity 3D, Flash, or something entirely new.


Corporate Identitiy

Corporate identity, becoming a distinctive philosophy of the organization, finds the body corporate personality formation.
We set the rules, and visual corporate identity elements which are designing for you..

Our Clients